In the World

We work towards a fairer, more harmonious and sustainable Humanity.

AMI is present in the four corners of the world, including Portugal, striving for the construction of a different, better tomorrow.

Aware of its responsibility as an agent of change, AMI will continue to create bridges of fraternity, dialogue and understanding for the future.


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Social Inclusion21

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Food and Nutrition3

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Water and Sanitation4

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Fight against Poverty21

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Education and Training15

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Missões em destaque

A AMI tem missões espalhadas por Portugal e no resto do mundo. Saiba como um pequeno gesto seu pode ajudar a mudar muitas vidas.


Mozambique: AMI Emergency Mission

Following the passing of cyclone Idai, which struck Mozambique with one of the worst storms ever in the Southern Hemisphere, the AMI team is working in the field in collaboration with local partners. 

blog_en, Citizenship

Talk2Me — Awareness and Promotion of Good Sexual and Reproductive Health Practices in Uganda’s Refugee Camps

The Talk2Me project, funded by Camões I.P. and implemented in partnership with the CEFORD organization in Uganda, is a Humanitarian Action project that ultimately aims to improve the living conditions of the refugee population in northern Uganda.

Ivory Coast
Education and Training

Construction of two Canteens in Kaloufa and Gokoupleu (West and Central West of Ivory Coast)

Support for the construction of two school canteens in Ivory Coast.