In the World

We work towards a fairer, more harmonious and sustainable Humanity.

AMI is present in the four corners of the world, including Portugal, striving for the construction of a different, better tomorrow.

Aware of its responsibility as an agent of change, AMI will continue to create bridges of fraternity, dialogue and understanding for the future.


Discover our missions according to their SDGs and areas of activity.

Porto de Partida – São Tomé e Príncipe
Sao Tome & Principe

Featured missions

AMI has missions all over the world. Get to know how a small gesture from you can help change many lives.

Border of Hungary and Moldo...
Mission, Refugees and Internally Displaced People

Emergency in Ukraine

An AMI team is in Hungary, one of the destinations for the Ukrainian population that crosses the border to escape the conflict that is ravaging their country.

Fight against Poverty

AMI Christmas Mission

The AMI Christmas Mission supports families monitored by AMI who are in a situation of poverty and social exclusion in the national territory, as well as projects at an international level, in various areas of activity, from health, nutrition, education, associations, social businesses and environment.

Environment, Mission


The Ecoética project has as main purpose the rehabilitation of burnt land located throughout the national territory. The land is public or publicly managed and the actions are exclusively conservationist in character, with no commercial purpose.