In the World

Trabalhamos em prol de uma Humanidade mais justa, mais equitativa, mais harmoniosa e sustentável.

A AMI está presente nos quatro cantos do mundo, incluindo Portugal, com o objetivo de contribuir para a construção de um futuro diferente e melhor.

Ciente da sua responsabilidade enquanto agente de mudança, a AMI continuará a criar pontes de fraternidade, de diálogo e de entendimento para o futuro!

We work towards a fairer, more harmonious and sustainable Humanity.

AMI is present in the four corners of the world, including Portugal, striving for the construction of a different, better tomorrow.

Aware of its responsibility as an agent of change, AMI will continue to create bridges of fraternity, dialogue and understanding for the future.


Discover our missions according to their SDGs and areas of activity.

Porto de Partida – São Tomé e Príncipe
Sao Tome & Principe

Featured missions

AMI has missions all over the world. Get to know how a small gesture from you can help change many lives.

Fight against Poverty, Food and Nutrition

Morocco Emergency

Morocco emergency! It would be impossible not to help.

Bamenda, Mbengwi, Ndop and ...
Citizenship, Fight against Poverty

Economic empowerment of girls at risk and in early marriages in Cameroon

Capacity building and economic empowerment of girls at risk and in early marriages in Cameroon through support for the establishment of their own economic activities that generate income.

Environment, Mission

X-Ray Recycling

Recycling of X-rays with more than 5 years or no diagnostic value.