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Reducing poverty through improved hygiene and sanitation, promoting health literacy and environmental sanitation, and local development interventions.

Porto de Partida – São Tomé e Príncipe
São Tomé and Príncipe

Caué is São Tomé’s poorest district, with a fragile economic fabric, low income and illiteracy, leading to a subsistence economy and to an arbitrary and informally developed animal breeding (potentiator of existing pathologies). AMI´s project aims to sensitize the population to the harms of the current situation of livestock; The construction of infrastructure to house animals and slaughter them under appropriate hygiene conditions; To develop social activities to combat extreme poverty in the district (such as support for Malanza’s nursing home) through the creation of an income-generating business that supports them (pigsty, chicken coop and slaughterhouse).

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Start: Jul, 2016
End: Nov, 2016
Cost: 12,200,31€ (AMI: 7,340,44€)
Partners: Associação Solidária Cão Grande

Beneficiaries: Directly benefits six members of ASCC's board of directors, 15 associates (4 workers), 6 senior citizens of the household and, indirectly, the population of the communities where the Association operates.

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