Volunteering in Portugal

Volunteering at AMI is being willing to make a difference. It’s making a commitment!

In Portugal, the AMI Foundation has medical volunteers, nurses, lawyers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and others, who help provide services to beneficiaries of social facilities, who otherwise would not have access to such assistance.

At the same time, there is a set of actions developed from time to time that, in spite of not involving direct contact with the people in need, are the ones that allow us to raise the goods and funds necessary to fulfill our mission.

Last, but not least, is the role of the volunteer as an ambassador for AMI projects.

What kind of volunteer work is there at AMI?

At AMI it is possible to develop voluntary activities on an individual basis or through corporate volunteer actions.

Individual volunteering: how is it done?

There are 2 ways to volunteer at AMI:

  • Onsite volunteering
  • Remote volunteering

In either case, you can do it on a regular or occasional basis. 

Regardless of which option you choose, never forget that your participation makes a difference and that we count on your commitment.

Regular Onsite Volunteering

Requires regular travel to social facilities, headquarters or delegations, at a time previously defined with the volunteer.

Matches this situation:

  • Specialized volunteering: doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, social animators, who help with the activities of social facilities.
  • Non-specialized volunteering: collaborates in food distribution, wardrobe service, among others.

Current volunteering needs:

On-site Occasional Volunteering

Participation in actions with short duration, which can range from activities carried out in social facilities, activities carried out at headquarters or delegations or participation in events such as collections, presence in stands, reforestation actions or others.

Remote Regular Volunteering

We are looking for motivated volunteers who can support AMI from home. Join us!

Make a Taleigo AMIgo and give it to AMI

The objective of Taleigo AMIgo is to financially help AMI and support those who need it most. Revenues from Taleigo AMIgo, sold exclusively by AMI and its accredited partners, revert to Mission Natal (Christmas Mission):

4 Taleigos sold = €20 = 1 family supported with a Christmas basket

Find out how to participate

Share and promote our campaigns and/or projects

Even at a distance, you can, in a regular way, help to give voice to our campaigns and projects. Help us spread the word by sharing AMI´s publications on social media, passing the word to your family and friends. Become an AMI Ambassador, wherever you are!

Remote Occasional Volunteering

Have you ever imagined organizing a dinner (if all the security conditions currently required are met) whose proceeds will revert to an AMI project, or organizing a food collection and ultimately delivering it to an AMI delegation or social equipment?

Your participation as a volunteer can go as far as creativity takes you, as the difference is in the small gestures that each one can do.

The process is simple. Think of an initiative, contact us and after articulating with us, fulfill your mission.

For proposals, please contact us at [email protected]

Is there a minimum age to register as a volunteer?

Yes. It is only possible from 14 years of age onwards, as volunteer insurance does not cover all incidents involving volunteers under 14 years of age.

Corporate volunteering: how is it done?

Even if volunteering results from an individual decision, companies can promote it among their employees through the following ways:

Supporting the practice of Individual Volunteering

The company supports the worker’s decision, facilitating the reconciliation of work with voluntary activity or even allowing the worker to dedicate himself to it within working hours. The company can also aggregate information about the activities in which its employees can engage individually.

Developing Special Projects

The company organizes a solidarity project in partnership with AMI, involving its employees as volunteers. For more information contact us via email [email protected]

I'm not signing as a volunteer, but I want to continue to help AMI

In addition to volunteering in person or remotely, there is always the possibility of helping AMI and making a difference in someone’s life.

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If you are willing to make a difference, committing yourself to a cause with your work and dedication, sign up as an AMI volunteer in Portugal.