Solidarity Adventure

The Solidarity Adventure is a solidarity travel project from AMI which enables participants to co-finance and participate in a concrete development project in addition to performing leisure activities suggested and organized by local populations. These trips are genuine demonstrations of great cultural richness, with a mixture of beliefs, faith and ancestral rituals where adventure lovers learn to respect, cooperate and live cultural differences and get to know many authentic aspects of a country.

Dates of the next Solidarity Adventures:

Senegal: 19th to 28th april / 1st to 10th november

Guiné-Bissau: 25th april to 5th may / 28th november to 8th december

Brasil: 21st to 30th june


At the beginning of 2018, the Solidarity Adventure project won the Five Star Award for the best Social Responsibility project. The results obtained in the tests and market study gives us the confidence to affirm that the Solidarity Adventure is a project considered by the consumers as very good.

Being a member of the Solidarity Adventure is to participate in work that aims to improve the health and living conditions of local communities, fostering the idea that each society can engage in its own development. In carrying out the task for which it has been appointed, each adventurer contributes to promoting the sustainability of projects developed by local civil society, while helping to create jobs and securing populations, thereby preventing migration to increasingly poor and overcrowded urban centers.

When the holidays end, instead of maps, guides and entrance tickets to monuments, we will all cherish the precious memories of having shared the lives of other people, with the realization of having contributed to a greater cause, along with the feeling of having been a part of something unique.

Who benefits from the Solidarity Adventure?

Each adventure is planned in partnership with the local non-governmental organization, with the aim of realizing projects that will have a positive impact and will make a valid and sustainable contribution to the development of the local population.

1º The local population:

a) Creation of jobs contributing to the settlement of populations.

b) Improvement of living conditions through the realization of the project that will serve the local community directly.

2º The Adventurer

It is an experience that fosters teamwork, involvement with the local community and knowledge of a country and its culture.

3º AMI

It is another form of fundraising to carry out projects.

Who can participate?

The Solidarity Adventure is intended for adults or minors from the age of 16, duly accompanied by the caregivers, provided they are in good health to leave. There is no maximum age.

Participation and selection conditions:

To be in good physical and psychological shape to leave in the Solidarity Adventure. It’s not being possible to take people with chronic diseases (cardiac, respiratory and metabolic), musculoskeletal and rheumatic, or diseases of the psychological and psychiatric forum.

Predisposition to accept new challenges and ability to adapt to challenging realities.

The selection does not depend on the individual competences since the tasks performed will be the same for the various Adventurers. The selection criterion is based on the order of arrival of the responses.

How is the registration made?

For each Solidarity Adventure, there is a limited number of 12 to 14 vacancies. After sending the email stating your interest to participate, pre-registration will be made according to the intended destination. To effectively guarantee the registration, you must pay the amount corresponding to the financing, depending on the destination.

What is the trip program?

The Solidarity Adventure has a duration of 9 days / 8 nights, and in the first days, 4 hours a day will be devoted to the development of voluntary work (in the rehabilitation of structures or other type of implementation, to be defined in each of the adventures). Paintings, cleanings, placement of material for the operation of structures, or workshops, among other activities, are normally carried out. After the project is completed, it will be inaugurated with the presence of all participants and local population.

The remaining days are occupied with activities of a recreational and cultural nature, varying according to the country, and which include the following: socializing with the local populations, visits to places of interest, presentation of traditional dances, handicraft workshops, among others.

Where are the Adventurers staying?

Each country has a different type of accommodation. Adventurers can stay in houses and / or tents. However, housing is rudimentary, with conditions similar to those experienced in AMI humanitarian missions.

What are the necessary preparations?

Before the trip, the Adventurers receive a briefing of the adventure with all the useful information, and are also invited to attend a clarification session to meet the group of fellow Adventurers and AMI´s team, and also to clarify any doubts.

At the end of each adventure, adventurers are asked to give an opinion about the experience, through the completion of an individual questionnaire. The suggestions and testimonies are fundamental for the constant improvement of the project.

Where are Solidarity Adventures held?

Senegal: Réfane, a community 130 km from Dakar (capital of Senegal), with about 22,000 inhabitants, consisting of small agglomerates.

Brazil: Municipality of Milagres, located in the State of Ceará, 485 km from the state capital, Fortaleza, with about 31,643 inhabitants.

Guinea-Bissau: Bolama Island, located in the Bissagos Islands, with about 9,000 inhabitants.

How is the funding applied?

In the case of a project developed jointly with non-governmental partner organizations, which carry out their work with disadvantaged communities, support is needed for their implementation.

Thus, the Adventurer finances a specific project, and then has the opportunity to finish it in person and attend the opening ceremony. That is, the amount related to the financing (which will correspond to the receipt of a tax-deductible donation receipt, increased by 40%) is destined to the realization of the local project, in which the Adventurers will participate.


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