Quando a AMI nasceu, em 1984, o sonho era grande e as dificuldades imensas, mas a AMI cresceu e os anos passaram a uma velocidade inacreditável…

E nada disto seria possível sem a coragem e o altruísmo de todos os voluntários que nos acompanham, sem o apoio fundamental de todos os nossos parceiros, públicos e privados, que acreditam no nosso trabalho, e sem a entrega de cada um dos colaboradores, que escolheram trabalhar em prol de um mundo melhor.

O papel de cada um foi e continua a ser fundamental e o seu imprescindível contributo deixa uma marca indelével em cada uma das páginas que assinalam o percurso desta instituição a lutar por um mundo sem intolerância e sem indiferença.

When AMI first began, back in 1984, the dream was big and the difficulties were many, but AMI grew and the years flew by at an incredible speed…

None of this would be a reality without the courage and altruism of all the volunteers that stood by our side, without the fundamental support of all our partners, public and private, who believe in our work, and without the commitment of each and every one of our collaborators who have chosen to work for a better world.
Everyone’s role has been fundamental, and this essential contribution leaves an indelible impression on each and every page that marks the path of this institution in its struggle for a world without intolerance and without indifference.

We have, since 1984, one single mission: to help Humankind.
It doesn’t matter when, how and where.
From the single individual to a global scale, we face all challenges with the same attitude.

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AMI was founded in 1984, with Mankind as its main focus. Since 1987, it has intervened in 79 countries, having sent hundreds of volunteers and tonnes of aid. In the international arena, AMI carries out three large kinds of interventions: Emergency Missions, Development Missions with expatriate teams and International Projects in Partnership with Local Organizations.

Fernando Nobre

Message from the President

To speak of AMI is, primarily, to remember a utopia, an ideal that was asserted and made a reality through the help provided to millions of people of every continent and through the safeguard of hundreds of thousands of lives in situations of extreme urgency.

AMI no Bangladesh

Vision, Mission and Values

Learn the Vision, the Mission and the Values of an organization that remains committed to mitigate inequality and suffering in the World.

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An incentive and an increased responsibility…


Find out where we are and how to contact us. See our headquarters in the map, as well as the addresses and contacts of the national delegations and Porta Amiga Centres.

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Transparency and accountability

In the activity reports we include the management and accounting reports, the supervisory organs technical opinions, and the legal accounts certificate.