AMI is a private, independent, non-profit, non-political, Portuguese NGO (non-governmental organization) whose Vision is to mitigate inequality and suffering in the World, with human beings as the main focus of concern. To create a World that’s more sustainable, harmonious, inclusive, tolerant, and less indifferent and violent.

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Bamenda, Mbengwi, Ndop and ...
Citizenship, Fight against Poverty

Economic empowerment of girls at risk and in early marriages in Cameroon

Capacity building and economic empowerment of girls at risk and in early marriages in Cameroon through support for the establishment of their own economic activities that generate income.


“Bolama Ka Pudi Pirdi Tina”

The project “Bolama Ka Pudi Pirdi Tina” (Bolama cannot lose Tina) aims to contribute to the preservation of the practice of Tina on the island of Bolama, a territory in Guinea-Bissau where AMI has been involved since 2000. Tina simultaneously designates a style of music, an instrument and a dance, constituting not only a form […]

Border of Hungary and Moldo...
Mission, Refugees and Internally Displaced People

Emergency in Ukraine

An AMI team is in Hungary, one of the destinations for the Ukrainian population that crosses the border to escape the conflict that is ravaging their country.