Message from the President

Fernando Nobre

Dear friends,

To speak of AMI is, primarily, to remember a utopia, an ideal that was asserted and made a reality through the help provided to millions of people of every continent and through the safeguard of hundreds of thousands of lives in situations of extreme urgency.

But to speak of AMI, not forgetting our past, is, above all, to look at the challenges (poverty/exclusion, climate change, migrations, wars) that await us, and at the hopes (civil society, citizenship) that embolden and stimulate us.

AMI, an institution of action and reflection, cannot encyst. On the contrary, it must anticipate its obstacles and innovate upon the responses longed by Humanity, as it has done thus far. Only then can the Mission continue!

With AMI I am ready and decided not to back down, not to give in. Come with me!

In the name of Humanity and the values that have been forever our own, we are increasingly committed to the strengthening of an informed, active, participative and demanding Global Solidary Citizenship as the one solution available to Mankind: Education, Ethics, Exemplarity. These are the bridges to be urgently built and strengthened!

We are ready to keep acting, changing, and integrating in the construction of a better, more humane future. We will be ready! The Mission continues!


Fernando Nobre