AMI na Guiné Bissau
  • AMI received the Municipal Merit Medal, awarded by the Palmela City Hall, for the work performed in the Development Cooperation area, in the year that the European Year for Development was celebrated.
  • In the context of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity and of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, the Ecoética forestation project was publicized by UNESCO in Portugal.
  • AMI received the “Melhores Ideias 2012” award, attributed by the Spanish newspaper “Diario Medico” as recognition for the X-Ray collection campaign that AMI has been carrying out since 1996.
  • The Caué district, in S. Tomé e Príncipe, where AMI has been working for more than 10 years, received, for the 3rd year in a row, the best district in health award. The health delegate wanted to share the merit with AMI, recognizing the support that this institution has been giving to the people of the Caué district.
  • The Caué district, in S. Tomé e Príncipe, was awarded a Recognition and Merit Award in the health area, attributed by the Ministry of Health of São Tomé. The health delegate decided to share it with AMI for the contribution given to achieve that result.
  • AMI received, from the Regional Government of Azores, a Diploma recognizing its contributions to the social assistance and solidarity, on the occasion of the International Human Solidarity Day (August 31, 2011).
  • AMI is awarded a protection and aid medal of merit, by the Portuguese Civil Protection, for its participation in the Haiti mission.
  • AMI received, together with the Núcleo de Investigação “Faces de Eva”, of  the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa Resposta, the “Prémio Municipal Madalena Barbosa” award, for the research work “Mulheres Sem Abrigo na Cidade de Lisboa” (Homeless Women in the City of Lisbon), by Ana Martins (AMI’s Social Action Department Director), that aims to bring out gender inequality in poverty.
  • AMI was ranked 3rd place in the “Hospital do Futuro” awards, in the Social Health Service Sector, through the Street Team project – Homeless Support Mobile Unit, working in Porto and Lisbon.
  • Honor and Knowledge Diploma, given by the Islamic Community of Lisbon to AMI in 2008, “for the inspirational example of generosity, solidarity and love for your fellow, which shows us the daily fight against poverty, social exclusion, underdevelopment, hunger and disease that, all over the World, destroy lives and deny the right of the people to the minimum living conditions, as a result of the calamities, wars and Men’s intolerance. For the dedication to the medical and humanitarian relief given by its members, moved by the most selfless fraternity.”
  • The Special Consultative Status – “NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations” — was awarded to AMI by ECOSOC, in July 2008. This status allows AMI to appoint official representatives at the United Nations – whether at New York’s headquarters or at its representations in Geneva and Vienna, with an active voice at the meetings and conferences of this international organ.
  • AMI won the “Green Award 2008” in the category “developed projects”. The prize aims to recognize and value good practices, environmental projects and sustainable development. This distinction was justified by the originality and creativity in which AMI designed the idea of using the collection, reuse and recycling of residues as a fundraising source.
  • AMI won the “Angelo d´Almeida Ribeiro” award, together with the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome, attributed by the Human Rights Commission of the Portuguese Bar Association. This award is given to institutions for their merits in their work towards Human Rights.
  • Two social projects from AMI were awarded: one was attributed by the Civilian Government of Lisbon to the project “Capacitação de Mulheres para uma Cidadania Ativa” (Women Capacity Building for an Active Citizenship) which took place in 2004-05, and the other one by the Civilian Government of Porto to the project “Futebol contra a Indiferença” (Football Against Indifference), which took place in 2006-2007, with the support of the Nike Fund and RSE Portugal (Responsabilidade Social Empresarial, or “Corporate Social Responsibility”).
  • “Cidadania das Empresas e das Organizações” award, attributed by AESE and by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007 to AMI, “that stood out for being one of the most well-succeeded non-governmental organizations in the fulfillment of its social responsibility policies, in all the economical, social and environmental components.”
  • Map Certificate of Good Practices in the Reception and Integration of Immigrants in Portugal, attributed by the Organização Internacional das Migrações (IOM), by the Alto Comissariado para a Integração e o Diálogo Intercultural (ACIDI) and by the Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD), in 2007.
  • Diploma of Merit attributed to AMI by the Ministry of Public Health of Guiné-Bissau in 2006, “for the valuable contribution and support given to the National Vaccination Campaign against Measles, carried out from the 15th to the 29th of May 2006, in favor of the survival of children of Guiné-Bissau.”
  • Valorsul good environmental practices award in the routing of waste to adequate final destinations, in 2006.
  • AMI was given the Status of Consultant Observer at the Community of Portuguese Language Speaking Countries (CPLP).
  • “Direitos Humanos” award, attributed by the Portuguese Parliament in 2004.
  • Recognition attributed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the humanitarian action for the victims of war and poverty all over the world, in 2004.
  • Recognition given by the “Centro de Ajuda Familiar Colónias Unidas de Oaxaca no México”, for the support to the children with special educational needs, in 2000.
  • AMI activities were recognized as being of Superior Social Interest by joint order of both Health and Finance Ministries.
  • Diploma of recognition granted to AMI in 1999 by the Municipal Corporation of the Central District of the City of Tegucigalpa, in the Republic of Honduras, for the humanitarian aid given to the victims of the Hurricane Mitch.
  • Invitation sent to AMI by José Ramos-Horta, Foreign and Cooperation Minister of Timor-Leste, to participate in the Timor-Leste Independence Ceremonies in 1999.
  • Solidarity award given by the Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Barreiro in 1998, “in recognition for the humanitarian action in favor of the underprivileged, and their contribution to the development of a spirit of solidarity.”
  • “Aboim Sande Lemos – Identidade Portuguesa – 1993” award, attributed by the Historical Independence of Portugal Society in 1994.
  • Thank you letter from the Croatian Minister of Health for the humanitarian aid provided by AMI in 1992.
  • “Honra ao Mérito” Diploma, awarded to AMI by the Guiné-Bissau Public Health Ministry in 1990, “for having shown a great spirit of cooperation, humanity, dedication, and exceptional professional qualities during its stay at the Republic of Guiné-Bissau, at the service of the populations and of public health”.
  • Diploma “Medalha de Mérito Grau Ouro”, attributed by the Oeiras City Hall in 1988.
  • AMI is recognized as a Public Benefit Organization.