Donate without cost

When filing your IRS statement 

Decide the destination of 0.5% of your taxes when filing the IRS statement: 

When filling in your IRS, check box 11 of Annex 3 (Face) and enter the following NIPC: 502744910 

This way, the State will deliver 0.5% of your tax already paid to AMI, so that together we can develop concrete human development missions.

AMI is expressly registered to receive your donation (Art. 32, no. 6 of Law nº 16 / 2001 of June 22).

Turn your ideas into solidarity actions 

Organizing a race or an exhibition, holding a concert, having your birthday or marriage channeled in favor of AMI are examples of what you can do to raise revenue for AMI missions. 

Move from ideas to actions and be solidary! 

Share your idea with us: [email protected]