Occasional donations


Make a donation directly at http://donativo.ami.org.pt or use the alternative ways below:

  1. Multibanco:
    Payment of Services/Pagamento de Serviços
    Choose the option “Payment of Services/Pagamento de Serviços”
    Enter entity/entidade 20909
    Enter reference/referência 909 909 909, then just choose the amount you want to contribute.
    If you have a Pinpad connected to the computer you can make the donation through the AMB (ATM Access)
  2. ATMs:
    “Be Solidary/Seja Solidário” account
    Transfers> “Be Solidary/Seja Solidário”> AMI
  3. Bank transfer:
    AMI Account No. 0152 7781 0009 or IBAN: PT50 0007 0015 0027 7810 00979) of Novo Banco. If you have access to the electronic banking services of your bank, you can make the transfer through the internet.
  4. Cheque:
    Nominal check (AMI) directly to any of AMI’s addresses or to AMI — Remessa Livre, 25049 1148 Lisboa CODEX (no stamp required).


PLEASE NOTE: In any case, to make a tax deductible donation please send copy of the receipt.