Improving the quality of life of children and adults in two marginalized urban communities

Sri Lanka

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Início: January 2015
End: April 2016
Cost: 15,400€ (15,000€ AMI)
Partners: Centre for Society and Religion
Beneficiaries: Directly benefits 60 children (25 girls and 35 boys), about 60 parents and up to 20 members of large families living with beneficiary families and, indirectly, about 100 other children in the neighborhood and 100 family members and other adults in the neighborhood which will benefit from the multiplier effect.

Access to quality education, health and nutrition for children and parents and members of large families living in two neighborhoods of Colombo

In the slums of the Sri Lankan capital, communities are affected by the proliferation of drug and alcohol consumption, prostitution and gambling addiction — children are the most vulnerable and exposed to these problems, while poverty is a limitation to the continuation in school. Keeping children away from addictions by avoiding dropping out of school and helping children and their parents by transmitting values and raising awareness and improving their health through nutritional programs, screening and promotion of healthy habits is the purpose of this intervention.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!