Talk2Me — Awareness and Promotion of Good Sexual and Reproductive Health Practices in Uganda’s Refugee Camps


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Início: March 2019
End: February 2020
Cost: Total: €127.275,90; Camões I.P. :71%; AMI: 14%; Microsoft: 4%; CEFORD: 6%; Casinhas de Lisboa: 5%
Partners: CEFORD - Community Empowerment for Rural Development
Beneficiaries: Diretos: 25 070 jovens dos 10 aos 24 anos, residentes em Omugo; 24 agentes comunitários; Indiretos: Familiares dos beneficiários diretos; Funcionários do Centro de Saúde; Professores e comunidade escolar;


The Talk2Me project, funded by Camões I.P. and implemented in partnership with the CEFORD organization in Uganda, is a Humanitarian Action project that ultimately aims to improve the living conditions of the refugee population in northern Uganda.

With intervention in Uganda since 2014, supporting International Projects in Partnership with Local Organizations (PIPOLs), AMI has identified the need to support the country’s refugee shelter work.

Occupying the leading position as the country that receives the largest number of refugees in the African continent and the third largest in the world (along with Pakistan), Uganda has received, only from South Sudan, 1,065,049 people since 2003. In the face of increasing numbers and conditions of fragility of the communities that accommodate these refugees, there are some limitations in the provision of social support and access to primary health care.

It was therefore decided to develop a project to raise awareness and promote good practices in sexual and reproductive health in Uganda refugee camps. This project, which is implemented in partnership with the Ugandan organization CEFORD  Community Empowerment for Rural Development  and co-financed by Camões I.P, has as main objective to contribute to the reduction of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) complications.

Talk2Me is being implemented in Arua, northern Uganda, in Omugo, within the Rhino Settlement (one of the largest refugee camps in the country), for a period of one year.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!