Portuguese Network of Medical Assistance and Solidarity for Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

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Início: January 2019
End: December 2019
Cost: Total: 43.000 EUR; AMI: 30.000 EUR
Partners: Associação de Médicos de Origem Luso-Venezuelano (ASOMELUVE)
Beneficiaries: Direct: 1000 users Indirect: 3,300 family members


This project aims to support the Portuguese community residing in Venezuela through the Luso-Venezuelan Doctors Association (ASOMELUVE) in Caracas.

ASOMELUVE, based in Caracas, was officially registered in 2004 and has a national network of about 300 professionals. As a result of the serious economic and social crisis in the country, and in view of the new scenario of poverty and difficulty in accessing basic health care, ASOMELUVE has taken on the mission to provide adequate medical care to this vulnerable population. The main objective of this project is to support a series of actions in the area of healthcare, both at a diagnosis level and in the treatment of diseases, through:

  • Direct medical care (regular consultations);
  • Facilitate access to medicines;
  • Facilitate access for the performance of outpatient diagnoses and procedures.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!