Recycling of Used Food Oils

How can I help in this mission?

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Início: January 2008
Partners: Portuguese Hotels Association
Beneficiaries: Companies that wish to participate in the collection of Used Food Oils.


Implementation of a national network for the collection of used cooking oil.

Used cooking oil (UCO) should not be dumped into the sewage system, as it can cause various environmental problems. Also, according to Decree-Law No. 267/2009, of 29 September, the discharge of UCO into individual or collective wastewater drainage systems is prohibited.

The collected UCOs will be converted into biodiesel, which constitutes a renewable source of energy, allowing to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the emissions of greenhouse gases. We will, therefore, work together to increase Portugal’s energy independence and help the country meet European targets for waste treatment, use of renewable energy and biofuels.

Does the collection of used cooking oil have any costs?

No. Collection, carried out by a partner company of AMI and fully licensed for the management of this waste, has no associated cost. It also provides its own containers for the deposition of used cooking oil.

How is the collection processed?

At the time of collection, an Electronic Waste Monitoring Guide (e-GAR) must be issued through the SILiAmb portal. To this end, pursuant to Article 48(2) of Decree-Law No. 73/2011 of 17 June, the company must be registered on the SiliAmb platform. If not already, a record needs to be created. The responsibility for issuing the e-GAR rests with the producer of the waste. However, with the authorization of the company, on the SILiAmb portal, it is possible to delegate this task to the company responsible for collection and transport.

How can I participate?

By completing the membership form:

For further clarifications, you can contact us through the telephone number 21 836 21 00 or the email address [email protected]

Is the collection open to the general public?

At the moment, it is still only available to companies, but we hope to be able to extend the project to the general public soon.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!