Prevention and mitigation of the impacts of natural disasters and climate change

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Início: January 2018
End: June 2018
Cost: Total: 32,611,430 EUR; AMI: 20,500 EUR
Partners: Acción Médica Cristiana
Beneficiaries: Direct — 3415 people in 8 communities - 80 people from the School Councils of 8 communities - 80 people from COLOPRED (Local Committees for Disaster Prevention and Response) - 1 person in CODE B Indirect — 43 communities in the municipality of Prinzapolka: 36,634 inhabitants.

Strengthening of the capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters from the COLOPRED of 8 communities in the middle course of the Prinzapolka River, Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast.

According to studies by the INETER — Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies — the Prinzapolka region lies in an area very susceptible to natural disasters: either due to the risk of floods caused by the massive flows of rivers, or due to the hurricanes that usually occur between September and October. In view of this, COMUPRED, an interinstitutional body coordinated by the municipality, has identified a series of needs where it has been working to prevent and respond to this type of phenomena, from equipment improvement to organization and coordinated work in localities through interinstitutional articulation. AMC, in partnership with AMI, has worked to train and strengthen the activities developed by COMUPRED in the region, and now intends, with the implementation of this project, to work on the relationship of this municipal body with the local organizations, the COLOPRED, since these are the main ones responsible for the preparation and response to emergencies in the communities.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!