Strengthening of the institutional capacity of REFRAKA and remobilization of its staff


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Início: May 2018
End: December 2018
Cost: Total: 24,937 EUR; AMI: 15,000 EUR
Partners: REFRAKA (Rezo Fanm Radyo Kominotè Ayisyen)
Beneficiaries: Direct: They are the 15 members of the community radio network (Coordination, main team and executive team) and the 500 hosts and producers of the community radios spread throughout the country. Indirect: The hundreds of thousands of community radio listeners.

This project aims to support the Haitian organization REFRAKA in a phase of institutional crisis in order to help maintain its activities and its team.

REFRAKA is an organization that leads a network of community radios in Haiti and is responsible for the training and management of radio hosts and for the issuance of programmatic content to be broadcast throughout the country on issues related to disaster prevention, equality of gender, among others.

This project aims to contribute to strengthening the capacity of REFRAKA, at an administrative, structural and programmatic level, at a stage where the organization needs support to survive and maintain its activities.

This intervention results from 3 problems identified in and by REFRAKA: 1) financial and administrative weakness; 2) lack of training in project management and 3) complete legalization of its structure.

In this way, a set of actions have been planned: a reinforcement of the team, a set of training sessions and also the conclusion of the process of legalization of the organization with Social and Labor Affairs.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!