SAMPURNA – Disaster Preparedness and Management


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Início: January 2018
End: August 2021
Cost: Total: 46.461,86 EUR; AMI: 45.000 EUR
Partners: KBMBS — Kalibata Bidhan Manab Bikash Samity
Beneficiaries: Direct: 180 community agents from 30 different communities.


Project to manage and mitigate damage caused by natural disasters, to be implemented in Howrah district, West Bengal, India, for a period of 3 years.

Located in a very vulnerable area due to the presence of four large rivers in the surrounding area — Hoogly, Mundeswari, Rupnarayan and Damodar — the Howrah district experiences annual periods of abundant rain, which cause an increase in river flow and cause ravaging floods. Consequently, the communities that live there suffer huge human and material losses that need to be mitigated.

To reduce the vulnerability of the population of the Howrah district to the impact of the natural disasters that KBMBS, in partnership with AMI, created the SAMPURNA project — disaster preparedness and management. With an expected duration of 3 years and with a €45,000 funding by the AMI Foundation, this project provides for the training of the Amta I, Amta II and Udaynarayapur communities in the Howrah district in disaster risk management and mitigation, through the training of community agents, the creation of “Awareness Camps” and the implementation of recycling campaigns

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!