Health, Education and Art: a Meeting with Citizenship.


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Início: May 2017
End: April 2019
Cost: total: 178,084 EUR; AMI: 150,054 EUR
Partners: ACOM
Beneficiaries: - Direct: 40 students of both sexes who will form the group of activists; 212 children and adolescents assisted by ACOM programs, of both sexes, through awareness actions; 1,200 people from the Municipality who will attend health promotion events; 544 elderly users of ACOM/HMMRG, through hospital health actions; 7,500 HMMRG users, through hospital health actions (including referrals from the Municipal Hospital). - Indirect: Approximately 30,000 inhabitants of the Municipality of Milagres are the indirect beneficiaries of the project (potential users of the services).


This project aims to guarantee access to health in specific specialized services in Milagres and to promote the adoption of healthy practices by the population of the municipality.

This project continues the work that has been done by ACOM, in partnership with AMI, in the Municipality of Milagres.

It aims to guarantee health services in the specific areas of gynecological and obstetric health, as well as geriatric health. At the same time, it works with groups of activists in health promotion and adoption of healthy practices, getting the message through by creating awareness actions through artistic demonstrations.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!