Construction of a new laboratory at Carmelo Hospital in Chokwe

Improvement of the quality of life of the population with HIV / AIDS and other chronic diseases through efficient and quality laboratory intervention.

Construção de um novo laboratório no Hospital Carmelo no Chokwe e apoio à reabilitação do Hospital na sequência das cheias de 2013 - Moçambique

Despite economic growth, there are still parts of the population that are experiencing great difficulties. In the province of Chokwe, a considerable part of the population suffers from HIV / AIDS and there is a need to ensure that all the medical examinations necessary for the population that access the Hospital are available. To do this, it was decided to build a laboratory that allows the installation of hematology, biochemistry, ionograms, cultures and sensitivity tests for tuberculosis, urine, feces and body fluids; analyses of molecular biology, improving the quality of life of the population with HIV / AIDS and other diseases.


Start: Jan, 2012
End: Dec, 2016
Cost: 823,125 € (AMI: 100,000 € + additional 20,000 € for the rehabilitation of facilities affected by floods in January 2013) (5 years)
Partners: AFILCAR
Beneficiaries: Benefits directly approximately 13,241 people with diagnosed illnesses, and about 215,000 inhabitants of Chokwé district indirectly.

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