Strengthening of the network of traditional midwives in Nicaragua


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Início: January 2016
Cost: 28,212,73€; AMI: 20,000€
Partners: Acción Médica Cristiana
Beneficiaries: Directly benefit 4,934 people from 11 communities, 40 midwives and, indirectly, 32,490 people.

Regional and community health services, strengthening maternal and child health care

The weak health care system, and in particular the women’s care system, is a challenge that authorities and civil society are trying to address. Through the training of 40 midwives and the accreditation of 25 midwives, AMI proposes to monitor the community information system through meetings with the Ministry of Health to discuss strategies to address health problems, especially at the level of maternal and child health, contribute to the strengthening of the Regional Health Model in its articulation with the community health network and the institutional health system, strengthening the joint resolution capacity and the network of community midwives on the Prinzapolka river in care for pregnant women and in the Prevention of maternal mortality in coordination with the municipal Ministry of Health.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!