Breaking the Silence — improving menstruation management in rural Uganda


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Início: February 2018
End: January 2019
Cost: Total: € 19,000; AMI: € 15,000
Partners: MCODE: Mission for Community Development
Beneficiaries: Direct: - 1800 adolescent girls of school age; - 1200 adolescent boys of school age; - 120 teachers; - 80 teachers. Indirect: - 1200 mothers; - 800 parents.


Project to raise awareness and disseminate sustainable solutions to better manage the menstrual periods of young, school-age Ugandan teenagers by breaking down taboos and promoting equal opportunity in access to education for all young people regardless of gender.

According to a study carried out by the Dutch development organization Smart Development Works (SVN), each Ugandan girl loses, on average, 24 to 40 days of classes per year (out of 220 estimated) due to the lack of knowledge and means to deal with their menstrual periods.

Given this reality, the Mission for Community Development (MCODE), in partnership with AMI, decided to implement the project “Breaking the Silence — Improving Menstrual Hygiene Management in rural Uganda” in three sub-counties of the district of Buikwe, Uganda, whose main objective is to contribute to equal opportunities for all young people, regardless of gender. More specifically, this project aims for the reduction and eventual mitigation of the challenges associated with the management of the menstrual period of young school-age adolescents in rural Uganda.

To this end, “menstruation kits” are manufactured and distributed in Buikwe district schools, making sustainable solutions available and sensitizing the young adolescents of this region to the importance of a good management of their periods, demystifying associated phenomena, so that they do not miss school days because they are menstruating. The kits are made by women from the community, trained for that purpose, and use resources available in the country.

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