A friend in need is a friend indeed: please stay at home!


How can I help in this mission?

Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!


To help contain the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) amongst the most vulnerable population supported by AMI.

To increase the support given to elderly and other groups of risk such as cancer patients, people living with HIV, diabetics, monoparental families and other cases of social isolation that are beneficiaries of Porta Amiga Centers as well as other elderly people identified by social services in contact with AMI.

Main goal:

  • To help containing the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) amongst the most vulnerable population supported by AMI social facilities.

Specific goals:

  • To promote social distancing and prevent exposure to infection of elderly people and other vulnerable population, by keeping them at home.
  • To reduce the incidence of severe cases.
  • To reduce hospital influx and keep it to critically ill patients.
  • To protect the elderly and/or vulnerable population stratum from facing social isolation.
  • To stimulate solidarity dynamics (on) in the community.
  • To stimulate solidarity dynamics between the business sector and charities.


If you want to be part of this mission and help delivering essential goods to the most vulnerable beneficiaries supported by AMI in Portugal, you can choose two ways of doing it:

  • Make a donation
  • Registering as a volunteer, by filling out the form below (you have to be between 18 and 50 years old and not have any underlying conditions).


Ficha de candidatura para voluntariado no projeto "Os AMIgos são para as ocasiões: deixe-se ficar em casa"
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please enter a number less than or equal to 999999999.
  • 0000-000
  • Se não concordar, pode alternativamente enviar um email para [email protected] ou telefonar para o 21 836 2100.



Are there any restrictions to participate in this action?
Yes. Due to the risks Covid-19 implies to the most vulnerable population, we can only accept volunteers aged between 18 and 50 years old that don’t have any (disease) underlying conditions that can put them in danger.
Is this action happening in all Portuguese territory?
This action aims at the (more) most vulnerable beneficiaries supported by the AMI social services in Portugal (Almada, Angra do Heroísmo, Cascais, Coimbra, Funchal, Lisboa, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia).
How does this action work?
This volunteer action consists on in acquiring a basket of essential goods (food and others) following a list provided by AMI and delivering it to the beneficiary also indicated by AMI.

The volunteer will receive, by email, detailed and precise information about the project.

After sending the proof of purchase to AMI and confirmation of delivery of the basket to the beneficiary, AMI will immediately reimburse the volunteer.

What is the destination of my donation?
The donation is intended to support the cost of essential goods baskets that are going to be delivered to the target audience of this initiative.
How can businesses support this campaign?
Companies can support this campaign with a donation and/or with corporate volunteering.

For more information visit https://ami.org.pt/como-ajudar/empresas/

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!