Emergency in Ukraine

Border of Hungary and Moldova with Ukraine

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Início: March 2022
Partners: Amazing Arts
Auchan Portugal
Clube VII
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Creative Minds
Delta Cafés
Fundação Ageas
Horto do Campo Grande
Millennium BCP
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We Help Ukraine
Wyze Mobility
Beneficiaries: Ukrainian refugees at the border with Hungary and Moldova.

An AMI team is in Hungary, one of the destinations for the Ukrainian population that crosses the border to escape the conflict that is ravaging their country.

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AMI’s intervention in the field will involve a coordinated action with a local partner that is already on the ground surveying needs in order to move forward with an action to support Ukrainian refugees who, according to the latest data, have already reached a total of 65,000 people, mostly women, children and the elderly. 

A second AMI team is also working in Moldova, which is currently home to close to 83,000 Ukrainian refugees, of which 89% are women and children, according to UN data. In view of the difficulties faced in this country with only 3 million inhabitants, the Moldovan authorities have already expressed the need for immediate support to respond to the flow of refugees in the country. After a meeting between the President of AMI and the Ambassador of Moldova in Portugal, it was decided to send a first team to the field, which will carry out a needs assessment and will operationalize the intervention with refugees from Ukraine. 

In Portugal, AMI’s equipment and social responses are also prepared to provide the necessary support to the Ukrainian population that arrives in the country, similarly to what happened during the migratory wave from that region in the 2000s. At the time, they arrived in Lisbon with the address of AMI’s Centro Porta Amiga, where they were heading directly. 

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!