Fight against Food Insecurity (PFFI)


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Início: July 2017
End: July 2019
Cost: 30.000 EUR
Partners: URAPD — Union Régional des Association Paysannes de Diourbel
Beneficiaries: - Direct: 100 agricultural family farms, composed of men and women — about 800 people, at an average of 8 people / FF. - Indirect: Cereal processing women: grouped into 25 groups with about 30 women per group on average. - The population of the three communities of Ngoye (45,430), Ndondol (21,968), Ndangalma (32,356). - The artisans and workers involved in the construction of the bio digesters.


The project aims to improve the productivity of family farms in three communities of the Department of Bambey, facilitating access to factors of production, promoting agro-ecological practices and valorization of production.

The project aims to improve the food security of 100 family farms in eighteen villages in three communities in the Department of Bambey.

In this area, soils are poor and there has been a decline in agricultural production and food security, contributing to increased migration of young people and women.

The monitoring of the situation between 2011 and 2016 allowed us to obtain typology data of family farming in the area: 42% of family farms (FF) are insecure; 56% of family farms are in an intermediate situation and only 2% of family farms are in a secure situation.

Families live mostly in a scenario of food insecurity. Production does not cover food needs, incomes have dropped, and children’s health and education needs are not fully covered.

The objectives of this project are that the family farm members of URAPD will have access to the factors of production and implement agro-ecological practices (bio digesters and organic fertilizers) and that the local production is valued and its results are followed, capitalized and disseminated.

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