Integrated Community HIV / AIDS Prevention and Health Services Improvement Project – Uganda


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Início: February 2016
End: May 2016
Cost: 16,321€ (AMI: 15,000€)
Partners: Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE)

Beneficiaries: Directly benefits 100 families, especially orphans and vulnerable children, young people affected and infected by HIV / AIDS, and young people trained to support awareness raising and, indirectly, 500 people in households.

Health care for families infected and affected by HIV / AIDS and income generation

Uganda has a high HIV / AIDS infection rate, with 7.2% of the population living with the virus, equivalent to 1.4 million people, of whom 190,000 are children. Improve health and well-being and reduce the number of new infections by increasing access to HIV / AIDS prevention services through awareness-raising, counselling and testing, prevention of mother-to-child transmission, male circumcision and promoting programs on HIV at school level are the main objectives of this intervention. The aim is also to improve the business capacity of 35 families affected by the virus in establishing income generating activities.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!