“Costura ponto com” – social inclusion through sewing

Centro Porta Amiga das Olaias, Espaço +Comunidade

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Início: March 2018
End: December 2019
Cost: €14000
Support: Co-iniciativa AMI e Rosa&Teixeira
Partners: Formação: Companhia das Agulhas


We aim to integrate into social and professional life, providing tools that increase employability, create one’s own job and differentiate economic means.

Aiming to create new and innovative solutions to the long-term unemployment situation of people in an economically active age and bearing in mind that sewing is an area with more and more professional opportunities and with a tendency to expand in parallel to the spread of online shopping and pret-a-porter stores, AMI, in partnership with Rosa & Teixeira, created Costura Ponto Com project. Combining personal and social skills with the development of technical and professional knowledge, together, we intend to reintegrate the beneficiaries in a social and professional life, providing tools for employability, self-employment and differentiated economic means.

The proximity of the project’s goals to the reality of Rosa & Teixeira lead to the idea of also preserving traditional crafts like some very specific sewing skills and techniques. To this end, Rosa & Teixeira’s former seamstresses also contribute with their knowledge and mastery through weekly support to the trainees, enriching the project with a knowledge transmission line acquired during decades of experience.

Thus, the 3 months pilot project which happened by the end of 2018, gave the opportunity for 6 trainees to have access to an intensive course of initiation to sewing, which entitled them to a certified diploma, as well as a series of visits to potential employers with different approaches to sewing and a series of socio-cultural training sessions.

In 2019 we intend to give opportunity to other unemployed people willing to work in the area of sewing, providing an experience and a similar course to what happened in 2018.

For each sewing project “Costura Ponto Com” with 6 trainees including training sessions, follow-up during and after integration into the work life thus leading the trainees to full self-sustainability, it is necessary a total amount of €14.000.

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!