Empowering community teachers, through training


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Início: July 2017
End: July 2019
Cost: 15,026 EUR
Partners: Dignity for Children Foundation
Beneficiaries: Direct: 45 teachers, of whom 10 are foreigners. (2 Indonesia, 2 Philippines, 2 Cambodia, 2 Myanmar and 2 Thailand).The population of the three communities of Ngoye (45,430), Ndondol (21,968), Ndangalma (32,356).


This project intends to technically prepare teachers for the implementation of the Montessori methodology.

In Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand there are very large communities of children without primary education and living in very precarious conditions. Most of these children live in shantytown areas and do not attend public schools. Also in Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysia), most of the poorest people live in remote areas in the east of the country where there are no adequate roads or schools for the education of these children. 

In most of these communities, education is not a priority because survival is the biggest concern. Hence, many of these children are late in their studies and struggle at the most basic levels of arithmetic and literacy. In order for these children to overcome their learning difficulties, they need to be supported with a concrete learning environment where key concepts for reasoning and problem solving are created. This project aims to prepare teachers to understand how to deal with the learning challenges faced by different communities by providing the necessary technical (Montessori method of education) skills that ensure maximum development to their full potential.  

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Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!