Remodeling and Enabling of the “Roberto del Río Hospital Rehabilitation Center – Auxílio Maltês” and transfer of patients in rehabilitation process


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Início: December 2018
End: January 2022
Cost: 45.004 EUR
Partners: Fundación de Beneficencia Auxilio Maltês (FAM)
Beneficiaries: Direct: Ambulatory: 2,342 patients / year Hospitalized: 6,530 patients / year Indirect: Immediate: approximately 35,488 people (family nucleus) Non-immediate: Approximately 250,000 people (different forms of community where patients' families belong)


This project aims to build an integrated rehabilitation center and to provide free patient transport to the center.

Roberto del Rio Hospital is located in a popular area of the Chilean capital and provides medical care to children and adolescents in need of special health care. In 2017, AMI, in partnership with the Fundación de Beneficencia Auxilio Maltês, supported the project aimed at the creation of a multidisciplinary treatment unit, equipped with the necessary medical equipment and able to offer timely and integral diagnosis and treatment to these children and adolescents with special medical needs. 

Following this initiative, the present project aims to build an integrated rehabilitation center, which will offer integral biopsychosocial treatment to all pathologies that the hospital covers, considering all the factors which affect their health and their recovery. Secondly, after the completion of the works, it is also intended to offer free transportation of patients accompanied by a family member, so that they can receive the necessary attention in their rehabilitation processes. In this way, it will be possible to provide both socioeconomic and affective help, essential for the family and for the success of rehabilitation. 

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