AMI Christmas Mission


How can I help in this mission?

Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!

The AMI Christmas Mission supports families monitored by AMI who are in a situation of poverty and social exclusion in the national territory, as well as projects at an international level, in various areas of activity, from health, nutrition, education, associations, social businesses and environment.

Now that Christmas is coming, we want to provide all those for whom we work with a dignified and happy season. We want to continue to be present in the lives of all those who seek our help.

Throughout 2022:

  • We supported 9.991 people in Portugal;
  • We worked with 1.285 homeless people;
  • We delivered more than 5.000 food baskets to families accompanied by our social facilities in Portugal;
  • More than 160,000 meals were served at social facilities and through Home Support;
  • 86 of the 393 people supported through AMI’s specific employment support offices found work;
  • Our international projects directly benefited more than 41,000 people in 14 countries;
  • We avoided emitting more than 220 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere by collecting waste for recycling and reuse.

All of this was only possible thanks to the generosity, commitment and dedication of all our donors, volunteers, partners and teams.

How can I contribute?

You can support AMI by choosing one of the following projects that make up the Christmas AMI Mission:

Finance an AMI Christmas Hamper

Offer the 1.991 AMI beneficiary families a hamper of food goods and provide part of the essential social assistance to them.

The Social Monitoring carried out in the centers is a process that requires a rigorous social diagnosis, joint work with the beneficiaries, and a continuous social assessment, appropriate to the needs of each person, and that promotes their social well-being.

Helping a FAMILY = €30
(Food basket + Social Support)


After payment, you will receive the respective donation receipt, which you must include in your IRS statement, thus obtaining a deduction increased by 40%.

Be solidary and be a part of this mission.

To learn more about this mission, contact us via email [email protected] or contact us.

Christmas Across Borders

AMI is present in Portugal and in the four corners of the world, with the aim of contributing to the construction of a different and better future. Know all our missions and know how to support them:


After payment, you will receive the respective donation receipt, which you must include in your IRS statement, thus obtaining a deduction increased by 40%.

Be solidary and be a part of this mission.

To learn more about this mission, contact us via email [email protected] or contact us.

Sponsor a Mission in Portugal

Contribute on a regular basis to support an AMI project in Portugal (Mainland and Islands) by donating goods, money or time:

Centros Porta Amiga

Solidarity gifts

You can also buy charitable gifts in our online store and thus contribute to the realization of our projects and missions.


You can also offer a Christmas Solidarity Voucher:

Christmas Solidarity Voucher

Instead of traditional gifts, make a donation to AMI in the name of a family member or friend.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1 – Make your donation. Click here to see the various ways to do this.;
2 – Request your voucher by emailing [email protected], choosing the format: for printing or for sending by email;
3 – You will receive your voucher voucher without any hassle or travelling.

If you haven’t made an online donation, please send us the proof of to [email protected]

You can also contribute to the AMI Christmas Mission through the initiatives carried out by our partners.

Giving Tuesday


November 30th is the day the world unites in support of social causes.

Giving Tuesday is a day, for all causes, all forms of support (time, goods, money, etc.).

Choose a cause, decide how to support it and share it with your friends. Inspire others to participate.

Let’s create a giant wave of generosity. Every gesture counts! Don’t be indifferent.

Support a mission during Christmas.

Click to support the Giving Tuesday – AMI Christmas Hampers project.

Ser Solidário (Be Solidary) - SIBS

It is now possible to make a donation to AMI through the SIBS Ser Solidário service, available throughout the ATM network or on the MBWAY application::

  • MB WAY
    Access “Ser Solidário” and select AMI
    – Alternatively, you can send the amount of your donation to 962 777 431
  • ATM
    – Just select Transfers and Direct Debits > Ser Solidário > AMI (indicating the donation amount)

Taleigo AMIgo

The dictionary tells us that “taleigo” is a long, narrow bag that corresponds to two bushels. In the past, pieces of fabric were made and even old clothes were used in their manufacture. The end result depended on the imagination of each one.

Rescuing this old tradition of ours, Companhia das Agulhas joined AMI to launch the Taleigo AMIgo challenge, thus turning this tradition into a solidary and reusable package.

See on the Taleigo AMIgo page how this tradition can financially help AMI to support those in need.

To find out more about these initiatives, send us an email to [email protected]

Ambassador of AMI Christmas Mission

This mission is sponsored by the actor Diogo Mesquita, ambassador of this initiative for the 5th consecutive year.

“Before being an actor and before my name, I am a human being. Because I have a professional responsibility for changing mentalities and acculturation of a society, it makes perfect sense to join AMI, which contributes every day in a practical way to the awareness and change of attitude of all of us, branding with hope and love every human being. That is why AMI came into existence in my life. For working with people for people, and from heart to hearts.”

Diogo Mesquita, Ambassador of AMI’s Christmas Mission

Previous campaigns

Several companies have supported these families through the financing or donation of products for the creation of the Christmas hampers and parties at AMI’s Porta Amiga Centers and the promotion of leisure and social moments for our beneficiaries.


“We believe that one of the components of a company’s success is its ability to improve the society in which it operates. 5 years ago, InnoWave Technologies decided to take a decisive step in this direction, looking for partnerships that would help us to understand how the Christmas of the most impoverished families could improve. At the first meeting with AMI, it was clear that what we take for granted, a family Christmas surrounded by gifts and food, is not as common as we think. Having this perception, it became impossible not to want to be involved. After 5 years, it is part of our Christmas to help with a small contribution, through the delivery of food items, some gifts and also in the direct involvement of some of our employees. In this way we hope that in their personal lives they will also be involved in these causes and that they will pass the word on to others. Only with global awareness can this reality be changed. What did we gain in return? A smile is invaluable.”
2015 — Tiago Gomes, Senior Consultant — InnoWave Tecnologies, partner since the 1st Edition of the Christmas AMI Mission

“Participating in the Christmas baskets initiative and involving all employees in distributing these offers to families allows Maxdata to share its success with those who need it most, contributing to the development of a spirit of solidarity, so necessary for our fulfillment as individuals.”
Mónica Teixeira, MaxData Quality Director, partner since the III Christmas AMI Mission

“Thank you for the basket, and this help is very important, I have my son unemployed and only my daughter-in-law works, this is also for them …”
Ana, 67 years old

“So, my husband is already going to make cod in his own way, he helps a lot and knows how to make a good dish of cod with potatoes… but the little ones just look at the cakes… you know, Dr., this year I have my grandchildren spend Christmas with me, they will be happy with these sweets…”
Maria Lurdes, 79 years old

“This Christmas will be tastier, so I already have cod for everyone at home, there are 5 of us this Christmas… and thanks for the olive oil for the cabbages that I’m going to get from the market, the cheapest, but they are good.”
Anabela, 55 years old

“It was the only gift I received this year was yours… you always remember me… and you always give such good things!”
Carlos B., 39 years old

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Campaign materials

Christmas Mission – Campaign Poster (PDF – 4,51Mb)

Partners network

The Christmas hampers and distributed presents represent an important aid to the most vulnerable families and were only possible to raise thanks to the support and generosity of donors, volunteers and companies.

If you also want to be part of this mission, send us an email to [email protected]

Know other related missions and know how to participate and help!

Your small help will be a big help for many. You can do the difference!